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This post describes the VA disability appeals process for decisions issued prior to February 19, 2019. Decisions received after that date are subject to the new VA appeals process.

Munster Veterans Benefits Attorney

In an effort to repay veterans for their service to the country, the federal government and the Illinois Legislature have made certain benefits available to qualifying servicemen and women. Some of these benefits can only be collected by those with disabilities, while others provide access to healthcare and job training.

Unfortunately, many qualifying veterans are unfairly denied benefits on a regular basis, often as a result of a failure to comply with certain procedures or complete specific forms. To ensure that this does not happen to you and that your own claim is filed correctly and on time, please contact a dedicated Munster veterans benefits attorney for assistance.

Disability Benefits

Veterans who suffer from disabilities that can be directly linked to their military service are eligible to collect a monthly monetary benefit. However, before a veteran can begin receiving these payments, he or she must be able to demonstrate that:

  • A disability is at least ten percent disabling; or
  • He or she suffers from two or more service-connected disabilities with 0% ratings.

Generally, the more severe a disability is, the more a veteran can expect to receive in benefits. For instance, veterans who are more than 30% disabled as a result of a service-connected injury are also eligible to collect additional compensation to help support their dependents, while veterans with disabilities rated as 50% disabling are entitled to free treatment from the VA.

Veterans being treated for service-connected injuries are also entitled to free medications, prosthetic appliances, and medical treatment.

Certain disabled veterans are also eligible to receive grants for the purchase or adaptation of a home that is specially suited to their needs. These grants are capped at $48,000 and are only available to veterans who suffer from permanent and total service-connected disabilities due to the loss of both lower extremities, blindness in both eyes, or the loss of use of one lower and one upper extremity.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare benefits are not only available to veterans who sustain serious injuries. In fact, all enrolled veterans have access to a medical benefits package that includes preventive, primary, and specialty care, as well as:

  • Prescriptions;
  • Mental healthcare;
  • Home healthcare;
  • Geriatrics and extended care;
  • Medical equipment; and
  • Prosthetics.

Most of these services are offered free of cost, although in some cases, veterans may be required to pay small copays. To be eligible for these benefits a veteran must have:

  • Served in the active military, air, or naval service and been separated under conditions other than dishonorable; and
  • Served at least 24 continuous months or for the full amount of time for which he or she was called to active duty.

When applying for these benefits, veterans should have copies of their discharge papers, any information about healthcare policies provided by a spouse, and wage and financial information, including details about gross income on hand.

Call a Munster Veterans Benefits Attorney

As a VA accredited attorney, James R. Comerford is uniquely equipped to help Illinois veterans obtain disability, healthcare, and education benefits. For help filing your own claim, or a Form 9 appeal, please contact The Comerford Law Office, LLC at 312-863-8572 today.

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