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Like residents of all states, those who live in Illinois and who served in the military have access to federal benefits for disability, education, burial, and healthcare. To learn more about these and other benefits that may be available to you or a loved one, please contact a member of our Marion VA benefits legal team today.

Federal Healthcare Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers healthcare benefits to veterans who actively served in the military, naval, or air service and who were not dishonorably discharged. Although these are the only basic eligibility requirements, veterans must also satisfy minimum duty requirements before they can begin receiving benefits. For instance, veterans who enlisted after 1980 or who entered active duty after 1981 must have served for at least two years or the full period for which they were called to active duty to be eligible for benefits. However, this requirement doesn’t always apply to veterans who were discharged early for disability incurred or aggravated while serving in an active duty capacity.

During the enrollment process, the VA also assigns applicants to priority groups, which is intended to help balance demand with the resources available. There are eight priority groups, placement in which is usually determined by the severity of a person’s service-connected injury, so it is important for veterans who are seeking benefits to be examined by a qualified doctor who can give an accurate rating.

Non-Healthcare Benefits

In addition to medical benefits, veterans are also eligible for non-healthcare benefits like disability compensation, which is a tax-free monetary benefit that is paid to veterans who suffer from disabilities as a result of an injury or a disease sustained during active service. Generally, the amount that a veteran can receive depends on how disabling his or her injury is. Veterans with disability ratings of at least 30 percent can also collect an additional allowance for any dependents.

Some veterans are also eligible for Special Monthly Compensation (SMC), which is granted to those who are in need of regular aid and attendance or who are housebound. This benefit is also available to the spouse or parent of a disabled veteran. Veterans who have retired from the military may also have the option of collecting Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP), which is a federal program that allows some veterans to collect both military retired pay and disability compensation. Collecting both benefits is usually prohibited, but the VA makes an exception for veterans with service-connected disabilities with ratings of 50 percent or higher who:

  • Retired from military service based on longevity;
  • Retired due to disability after 20 or more years of service; or
  • Retired from the National Guard or Reserve service after 20 or more years of service.

If you believe that you might qualify for one or more of these benefits, please call our legal team today for help filing an application.

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