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When your country asked for help fighting for America’s interests in foreign lands, it was you who answered the call. Now, it is time for your country to take care of you. If you have a serious duty-related disability, the attorneys at The Comerford Law Office can help you file an application for veterans’ benefits in Lake County. Below, we will discuss our services and how we can help.

What is the VA Disability Claims Process?

Almost all of the forms related to the VA disability claims process can be found online. However, most of the claims filed by veterans without the help of an attorney come back denied. 


No layperson would have the knowledge or experience necessary to know beforehand what the VA is looking for in an application. Veterans think that they only need to prove that they have a service-related injury to be awarded benefits. While that is true, to an extent, the type and severity of the injury can play a major role. Psychiatric injuries like PTSD are harder to prove because they rely on subjective impressions from doctors. Other conditions, like Gulf War Syndrome or Agent Orange exposure, may not have a strong scientific foundation, making the cases harder to prove. 

Most veterans fill out their packets, end up having their claim denied, and do not know what to do next. They almost always find their way into the office of a VA benefits lawyer.

What Does a VA Benefits Lawyer Do?

A VA benefits lawyer takes over the process of filing your claim. We handle all communication between you and the VA and keep in contact with you to ensure the VA is getting the information they request to move the process forward. In cases in which the VA is not convinced that your disability is severe enough to warrant benefits, we bring in vocational counselors to discuss your limitations in terms of work.

Since we know what the VA wants, we ensure that (at the very least) the process moves smoothly and quickly.

We Help Veterans File Form 9

If you go through the claims process far enough, eventually you will reach the part where the appeals begin. To keep the appeals process going, you will have to fill out a Form 9 and a Statement of Case. As your attorney, we will provide the VA with all relevant medical records, and testimony from vocational counselors and social workers.

Why Hire Us?

James R. Comerford is a member of the National Organization of Veteran Advocates (NOVA). He has helped thousands of veterans in Indiana and Illinois apply for and receive veterans’ disability benefits. If you are an injured veteran who is no longer able to sustain work, call The Comerford Law Office today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our services.

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