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In an effort to compensate veterans for honorably serving their country, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers former servicemen and women a variety of benefits, including disability compensation, aid and attendance benefits, disability housing, and life insurance.

To determine whether you or a loved one qualify for one or more of these benefits, please contact a dedicated Illinois veterans benefits lawyer who can advise you. 

VA Disability Compensation

Disability compensation is one of the most important benefits offered by the VA to retired service members and takes the form of a monthly tax-free payment. Only certain veterans are eligible for this benefit, namely those who were injured or who became ill as a result of their service. This includes coverage for physical conditions, such as a chronic illness or injury, as well as mental health conditions like PTSD. 

VA Aid and Attendance Benefits

In addition to offering monetary compensation to disabled veterans, the VA also provides qualifying individuals with aid and attendance benefits. These benefits also take the form of a monthly payment and are added to the amount of a veteran’s monthly VA pension. To qualify for aid and attendance benefits, veterans must be able to prove that they receive a VA pension and:

  • Need the aid of another person in performing daily activities; 
  • Are bed-bound due to illness; 
  • Are a patient in a nursing home due to a loss of mental or physical abilities resulting from a disability; or
  • Have limited eyesight. 

Veterans who qualify for aid and attendance benefits will receive additional payments with their pension that allow them to cover the cost of home healthcare services. 

Disability Housing Grants

The VA also offers housing grants to disabled veterans who are suffering from service-connected conditions that enable them to purchase or modify a home to meet their physical needs. Grants cover the installation of ramps and widened doorways, as well as grab bars and specially adapted showers, but veterans can only qualify for this benefit if they can provide proof that they own or will own a home and have a qualifying service-connected disability, such as severe burns, blindness in both eyes, or the loss of a limb. 

Life Insurance

There are a number of different insurance programs that cover veterans and their family members, including:

  • Traumatic Injury Protection, which provides veterans with short-term financial support to help in the recovery of severe injuries;
  • Veterans’ Group Life Insurance, which veterans can collect after retirement;
  • Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance, which is made available to veterans who became disabled because of an illness or injury caused by active service for up to two years after retirement; and
  • Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance, which is offered to veterans with severe service-connected disabilities to help them obtain mortgage protection insurance for an adapted home. 

For help determining whether you qualify for VA life insurance, please contact our legal team today. 

Contact an Experienced Illinois Veterans Benefits Lawyer for Help with Your Claim

If you are a former service member, you and your family could be eligible for VA benefits. To speak with a dedicated Illinois veterans benefits attorney about your options, please call The Comerford Law Office, LLC today. 

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