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Servicemembers selflessly serve our nation, and when they are injured in the process, they are entitled to benefits that are designed to help them transition back to civilian life as smoothly as possible and help them live full post-service lives. Unfortunately, too many veterans are not receiving the benefits to which they are entitled, but if you fall into this category, an experienced Illinois Veterans Benefits attorney is standing by to help.

Disability Benefits

Those entitled to veterans disability benefits include all the following:

  • Those who suffer an injury in the course of their service
  • Those who suffer an illness in the course of their service
  • Those whose preexisting condition is exacerbated by their service

The kinds of conditions addressed can be physical, psychological, or emotional. 

Connecting Your Condition to Your Service

Once you establish that you have suffered an injury, illness, or worsening of condition, you will need to directly connect it to your service, which can be the most challenging component of your claim. The process generally involves comparing your medical records with your service records in order to highlight the correlation between your military service and your medical condition. Other primary forms of evidence used to show a connection between disability and service include the following:

  • Your private medical doctor’s professional assessment of your condition
  • The input of your friends and family members regarding your condition
  • An official nexus letter from a medical professional that establishes the connection between your service and disability

Obtaining a Disability Rating

Once you establish that your verifiable condition is directly linked to your military service, you will need to obtain a VA disability rating, which can range from 10 to 100 percent – based on how much your injury, illness, or worsened condition interferes with your ability to live your life. The higher your rating, the more benefits you’ll be eligible to receive.


There are a range of disability benefits available, including in all the following categories:

  • VA disability compensation – Monthly and tax-free financial assistance and other forms of support
  • Healthcare benefits 
  • Housing benefits 
  • Educational benefits
  • Caregiver benefits 

Obtaining fair compensation can play a pivotal role in your ability to regain your health and well-being to the degree possible, and a practiced veterans benefits attorney can help not only by ensuring that your claim is in accordance with the VA’s demanding requirements but also by ensuring that it is backed up by rigorous evidence. 

Learn More from an Illinois Veterans Benefits Attorney

James R. Comerford at The Comerford Law Office – Illinois is a compassionate veterans benefits attorney who takes immense pride in his impressive track record for skillfully guiding complex disability benefits claims toward advantageous outcomes for veterans like you. 

Because your claim’s favorable resolution is important to your future, please do not delay in contacting us for more information about what we can do to help you today.

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