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This post describes the VA disability appeals process for decisions issued prior to February 19, 2019. Decisions received after that date are subject to the new VA appeals process.

Illinois VA Disability Lawyers

The Comerford Law Office is proud to represent America’s veterans filing claims against the VA’s disability policy. We help veterans navigate the cumbersome application process, deal with appeals, talk to their doctors, and help them build an ironclad casefile that all but ensures their application will be accepted. Having an Illinois VA disability attorney on your side helping you each step of the way will make your life easier and get your benefits more quickly.

The VA Disability Application Process

Most veterans will be able to fill out the forms and mail them in by themselves. In some circumstances, their applications may even be approved. But what they do not know is that they are making a medical and legal argument that must cross a threshold of proof before their application will be accepted. This can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to certain types of injuries. Nonetheless, veterans may receive VA disability benefits for the following conditions:

The Comerford Law Office has helped hundreds of Illinois veterans apply for and receive disability benefits. The above is not an exhaustive list. 

How Can VA Disability Benefits Help Me and My Family

VA disability benefits, much like social security, are a form of non-taxable monthly payment from the government to help with living and eating expenses. Veterans and their families can receive additional monthly support if they require a live-in nurse or the family member provides the same services as a nurse to their loved one. 

How Do I Get VA Disability Benefits in Illinois?

Essentially, there are a few elements that must be satisfied. First, you must prove that you have a disability that significantly impairs or absolutely prevents you from doing work for which you are qualified. Second, you must prove that this disability was caused by an injury that occurred in the line of duty. The VA panel that will decide your individual case will analyze these two elements in great detail before rendering a decision. Most veterans have their applications come back denied, but this is only the beginning of the process, not the end.

My VA Disability Benefits Application Was Denied

That is not unusual. In fact, this is when most veterans contact a skilled Illinois VA disability lawyer to aid in the process. The VA will allow you to file a Notice of Disagreement, and this will begin the appeals process. You will then need to fill out a Form 9 which can be very complex. The attorneys at The Comerford Law Office have helped thousands of Illinois veterans get the benefits they deserve. For more information on how we can help, please call our office today.

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