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Gulf War Syndrome Attorneys Near Me

Even the X-Files denied the existence of Gulf War Syndrome, and their plotlines routinely dealt with government conspiracies involving alien alliances, global conspiracies, and mythical monsters. But unlike mythical monsters, the VA has been paying out claims related to Gulf War Syndrome for the last 10 years, largely due to the fact that soldiers show a consistent pattern of symptoms that have no medical explanation. Veterans’ benefits lawyers near you discuss VA disability claims related to Gulf War Syndrome.

What is Gulf War Syndrome?

According to the Johns Hopkins Institute, Gulf War Syndrome is a condition suffered by veterans of the first Gulf War in 1991 or after. Symptoms of the condition include fatigue, aches and pains, cognitive problems, diarrhea, and skin rashes. Despite extensive research and competing theories as to the cause or reality of the issue, no underlying cause has yet been identified.

Who is affected by Gulf War Syndrome?

According to the most recent research, it is believed that nearly one-third of all veterans who served in the first Gulf War have symptoms that seem to be related to the mysterious underlying condition. However, the symptoms differ for each veteran.

Possible causes of Gulf War Syndrome

There is no scientific consensus on what caused Gulf War Syndrome. However, possible causes include chemical warfare agents, psychological or somatic disorders, depleted uranium used in U.S. warheads such as bunker busters, and other chemical agents such as pesticides.

Treatment for Gulf War Syndrome

There is no agreed-upon treatment for Gulf War Syndrome. Doctors will attempt to manage the symptoms and couple symptom management with psychiatric intervention to help veterans cope with the symptoms should they flare-up. Nonetheless, Gulf War Syndrome remains a controversial medical topic due to lingering questions over whether the disease is psychiatric or due to toxic exposure. Regardless, the VA is required to honor claims related to Gulf War Syndrome because so many veterans have reported similar symptoms. Even if the condition turns out to be somatic in nature, the disability has a real impact on the veteran’s quality of life and their ability to perform gainful labor.

Proving Gulf War Syndrome

You cannot prove that you have a condition that scientists don’t all agree exists. However, you can prove that you have any of a number of symptoms that other veterans have reported and the VA will honor your claim so long as the condition has persisted for more than six months. The biggest problem is that Gulf War symptoms often go misdiagnosed as another condition (like fibromyalgia) that may have another origin. Your attorney can help you prove that your symptoms are related to your service and not some other acquired condition.

Find Gulf War Syndrome Attorneys Near Me

The Comerford Law Office, LLC provides legal services to U.S. veterans seeking VA disability compensation related to Gulf War Syndrome. Call today and we can begin the process of appealing your claim immediately. 

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