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Denied VA Disability Benefits Lawyer in Illinois

If your VA benefits have been denied, you may be hurt and confused. This is money that you should be guaranteed, having faithfully served your country. It is possible, however, to appeal the ruling, and this is often the first step toward getting the benefits you deserve.

A denied VA disability benefits lawyer in Illinois can help you file an appeal and then build your case using medical evidence from your doctors.

Why are VA Disability Benefits Denied?

There is only so much money that Congress allocates for veteran’s benefits. If there are too many individuals making claims on the fund, then the fund will no longer be solvent. For that reason, the VA forces every claimant to provide a flawless case file to weed out lesser claims.

In most cases, the only reason that they will provide you is that there is not enough medical evidence to satisfy their terms. Veterans who are filing claims often get frustrated by the whole process, but that is money that you were promised and are owed. 

The VA compensation program requires that all veterans applying for disability benefits meet three criteria. Those are:

  • You have a current disability
  • That disability is linked to active duty service
  • You have status as a veteran

While some veterans find the process easy to navigate, such as those who suffered severe physical impairments, others find it much more difficult to prove a connection between their active duty service and their disability. When this happens, having a denied VA disability benefits lawyer can make all the difference.

What Should I do After Being Denied Benefits?

A denial letter is not the end of your case. For most veterans, it is just the beginning. The Comerford Law Office will go over your denial letter and determine why your claim was denied. We will then contact your doctors and attempt to get the evidence you need to win your appeal. 

The timeline will not be the same for all veterans who have been denied. The VA has a Legacy Appeal system that applies to some while the Appeals Modernization Act will apply to others. In either case, you are entitled to a hearing before a judge, and you are entitled to have an attorney represent you during that hearing. Our veterans’ disability benefits lawyers can help you navigate the system and exhaust all avenues of appeal.

Talk to a Denied VA Disability Benefits Lawyer in Illinois

If you have been denied VA benefits, do not get discouraged. You can have an attorney help you prepare your case file and get the evidence you need from doctors and occupational specialists to prove your case. Call The Comerford Law Office, LLC today for more information.

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