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If you are a veteran who is currently living with an injury or disability suffered during your time in the military, you could be entitled to receive veterans benefits. These are distributed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Although you do not have to work with a lawyer to pursue your disability benefits, it is in your best interest to do so. This is because the disability benefits claim process can be a long, complicated process and if your claim is denied, your lawyer can act as your advocate to determine the best course of action.

Qualifying Conditions for Veterans’ Disability Benefits

Many different conditions qualify a veteran for veterans’ disability benefits. They include:

  • Traumatic brain injury;
  • Limb loss;
  • Gulf War syndrome;
  • Hearing Loss;
  • Vision Loss;
  • Mental health disorders;
  • Military sexual trauma;
  • Cognitive disability;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder; and
  • Illnesses stemming from exposure to Agent Orange.

Veterans’ disability benefits are not taxed.

How Much will I Receive?

There are many variables that determine an individual’s disability compensation package. These include the number of dependents he or she has and the extent of his or her condition. Your compensation package could range from $133 to $3,400 or more per month, depending on your circumstances.

Seeking Benefits from the VA

There are two ways to complete a veterans’ disability benefits claim. They are:

  • Submitting a Fully Developed Claim on vets.gov;
  • Filling out VA Form 21-526 and submitting it to your local Veterans Affairs office.

You will need to provide certain documents alongside your claim. Your lawyer or your local VA office can go over these with you. They include:

  • Military and civilian medical evidence of your injury;
  • Your discharge or separation paperwork; and
  • Documentation of your dependents.

Typically, veterans’ disability benefits are reserved only for those who are discharged from the military under conditions other than dishonorable ones. But in some cases, veterans who have not yet been discharged can receive benefits through the Pre-Discharge Program for Disability Compensation.

A denial does not mean you will never receive your benefits. It is possible to appeal your claim’s decision with the VA, but this can be a complicated process. Speak with your lawyer about this possibility if your claim is denied.

Veterans’ Benefits Beyond Disability Coverage

If you lose a hand or suffer a similarly debilitating injury during your time as a service member, you could be entitled to receive Special Monthly Compensation (SMC). This is a supplement to your regular benefits that helps to cover the additional expenses of living with a disability.

Veterans who need to rely on public transportation to get to their medical appointments related to their conditions and those receiving VA pensions can also receive reimbursement for their travel expenses.

Work with an Experienced Crystal Lake Veteran’s Benefits Lawyer

If you were not discharged under dishonorable conditions and you are now suffering from an injury or disability sustained during your military service or as a result of an incident that occurred during your service, you have the right to seek veterans’ disability benefits. To learn more, contact our team of experienced veterans benefits lawyers at The Comerford Law Office, LLC to set up your free consultation in our office.

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