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Even though the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is a federal agency designed to help veterans, that doesn’t mean it is a perfect institution. The VA has been criticized for taking so long to process veterans’ claims. The backlog of disability claims causes veterans to wait months and even years to receive their benefits.

The longer it takes the VA to process your disability claim, the more money they will owe you in back pay. If you are struggling to get the benefits you deserve, speak to a Crown Point VA attorney from the Comerford Law Office today about your case.

What Is Back Pay?

Back pay is the amount of money you are owed from the effective date of your claim to the date you received those benefits. The VA defines the effective date as the date your payments begin. The agency may use the date they received your claim as the effective date. It may also use the date you were diagnosed with a disability as the effective date.

How Back Pay Is Calculated

There are two ways that your back pay will be calculated: the effective date and your disability rating. Each veteran will have their disability ranked by the VA’s rating system. This disability rating is important because it will determine the amount of disability benefits you’re entitled to. You can receive a larger amount of compensation based on how high your disability rating is.

Claim Backlog

When it comes to the number of claims that are backed up, the VA is transparent.  The number of claims that have been backlogged is available on their website.

According to the Reports Page, the average number of days it may take to move your claim forward is more than 125 days. It is important to keep track of the months you have to wait for your benefits.

Disability Retro Calculator

One of the ways that we can calculate your back pay is by using the disability retro calculator. This method helps to calculate your benefits by asking you a set of questions. The questions ask about your effective date, the benefits the VA should have been paying you, your marital status, and the number of dependents.

Once you answer all of these questions, a specific dollar amount will be given. This will be an estimate of the back pay that you are expected to get.

Calculation Issues

Even though the disability retro calculator is helpful, you still may want to work with a Crown Point VA attorney to determine the most accurate amount of back pay. If there are issues with your effective date, reaching an estimate may be even more difficult.

Speak With A Crown Point VA Attorney Today

When you want a more accurate estimate of your VA disability back pay, contact the Crown Point VA attorneys at the Comerford Law Office. Contact us online to schedule your free case evaluation.

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