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While most veterans are eligible for VA benefits, former servicemen who are injured in the line of duty also often qualify for additional services and disability benefits. Applying can be difficult, so if you believe that you may be eligible, speak with an experienced Cook County veterans disability benefits attorney who can ensure that your claim is filed properly.

Long-Term Care Services 

Disabled veterans who meet certain requirements could be eligible for long-term care, which includes access to:

  • 24/7 nursing and medical care;
  • Assistance with daily tasks like bathing, cooking, and dressing; 
  • Physical therapy;
  • Pain management assistance and comfort care; and
  • Caregiver support. 

These services are available in a number of different settings, including:

  • Nursing homes;
  • Private homes;
  • Adult day health centers;
  • Veterans’ own homes; and
  • Assisted living centers. 

To access these services, veterans must prove that they are signed up for VA healthcare and require a specific service to help with personal care and ongoing treatment.

Disability Compensation

One of the most important benefits that the VA offers to disabled veterans is disability compensation, which takes the form of a monthly payment. However, this benefit is only available to veterans who served on active duty, inactive duty training, or active duty for training and have received a disability rating for a medical condition. In addition to these requirements, veterans seeking disability benefits also need to provide evidence:

  • Of a link between their current condition and their in-service injury or illness; or
  • That their service resulted in the worsening of a preexisting condition; or
  • That they have a disability that was related to their service but did not manifest until after retirement.

This process tends to be much simpler for those who are suffering from certain medical conditions, which are automatically presumed to be disabling by the VA. These conditions include the following:

  • Illnesses caused by coming into contact with toxic chemicals, contaminants, and other hazardous substances; 
  • Long-lasting illnesses that appear within a year of discharge; or
  • Medical conditions caused by time spent as a prisoner of war (POW). 

Chronic back pain, breathing problems, severe hearing loss, certain cancers, and PTSD are only a few of the medical conditions for which veterans can receive coverage. 

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

Former servicemen and women whose service-connected disabilities limit their ability to work or prevent them from working at all could be eligible for vocational rehabilitation and employment benefits. These benefits, which take the form of a variety of programs and services, help veterans explore employment options, obtain training, receive academic counseling, and understand their career options based on their interests and capabilities. 

Get Help with Your Claim Today

If you need help determining whether you qualify for veterans’ disability benefits or have questions about filing an appeal, please contact dedicated Cook County veterans disability benefits lawyer James R. Comerford at The Comerford Law Office, LLC today.

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