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When you agreed to join the U.S. military, your government promised that if you ever sustained a serious, debilitating injury in the line of duty, that they would take care of you. The VA provides disability benefits to all veterans who were injured in the line of duty and now have reduced income power as a result of that disability. However, filing claims on the VA’s disability fund is often frustrating to say the least. Applications come back denied in the vast majority of cases. It is then that you can involve a Cook County veterans benefits lawyer to begin the process of appealing the decision.

Your application has been denied

Technically, there are only three requirements to meet to get VA disability benefits. 

  • You must be a former member of the U.S. military. 
  • You must have sustained an injury as a result of your military duties. 
  • That injury must either impair or prevent you from sustaining gainful employment.

While most veterans do not have an issue proving that they were former military or that they sustained an injury, the tricky part is convincing the VA that your disability now prevents you from sustaining gainful employment. In some cases, it can be tricky to prove that your disability is a result of active-duty service. If it is tricky for you to prove you were former military, then you have a bigger problem.

Building your case

The majority of applications will come back denied on the basis that the applicant has failed to meet the VA’s requirements for proving their disability is either related to their active-duty military service or that it prevents them from sustaining gainful employment. Some disabilities, like psychiatric disabilities, can be tricky to prove. In some cases, it may not be clear that your active-duty military service caused the disability, or whether it only made your symptoms worse. In other cases, it may be difficult to prove that your disability is substantial enough to prevent you from working.

Your Cook County veterans benefits lawyer will go over your application and the reasons it was denied. We will then work with your medical providers, vocational counselors, your family and friends, and your former associates in the military to build an ironclad case file that meets the VA’s high standards.

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The Comerford Law Office has successfully helped former members of the military appeal their veterans’ benefits application denial. If your application has come back denied, contact our Cook County VA benefits attorneys today to learn more about how we can help.

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