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We ask young men and women from all over the country to join the service and fight for us on foreign soil. When we do so, we guarantee that certain benefits will be available to them and their families if they suffered permanent injuries in the line of duty.

But applying for these benefits is complex and most often, confusing. Veterans who attempt to apply themselves are met with confusing denials of their claims and left scratching their heads as to what evidence they need to provide to ensure that their benefits are granted. A Cook County Veterans benefits attorney can help.

James Comerford is a board-certified and accredited VA disability attorney. The Comerford Law Office fights for veterans every day and ensures that they get the benefits they were promised when they joined the military.

Types of Disabilities That are the Most Difficult to Prove

Those who have had a limb amputated or suffered a near-total disability generally do not have to worry about how to prove their case and get their benefits. A question will still remain as to what kind of work they can do and whether or not their injury prevents them from working at all, but you obviously do not have to prove that the injury exists because it is obvious. Other disabilities are not like that. These cases become much harder to prove. Examples include:

  • Psychiatric illness – Psychiatric illnesses, such as PTSD, will require the written proof of an attempting psychiatrist. You will also need to show that your PTSD is sufficiently debilitating to prevent you from sustaining gainful employment. Our attorneys can help get the evidence you need to prove this.
  • Traumatic brain injury – Traumatic brain injury occurs after a major blow to the head. The results can either be temporary or permanent. When permanent, severe neurological disabilities ensue. These can prevent someone from sustaining employment over the long term.
  • Gulf War Syndrome – Several conditions have only been named after several veterans complained of a similar set of symptoms. While doctors debate whether or not the disease actually exists or what it was caused by, several veterans who all fought in the same war insist they have these symptoms. Whether or not the disease exists ends up a matter of medical debate, but recently, the VA has begun paying out claims related to Gulf War Syndrome.
  • Hearing loss – Hearing loss is subtle and can come on gradually. Meanwhile, the tests to determine whether or not hearing loss has occurred are subjective and rely on patient interviews and tests that require the patient to provide answers. A certified VA disability attorney can help you prove your hearing loss is real and get the benefits you’re entitled to.

Talk to a Cook County Veterans Benefits Attorney

The above list is not exhaustive. Veterans are wrongfully denied benefits every day. If you have been denied or need help with the application process, call the Comerford Law Office today to schedule a free consultation. 

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