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Although the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs gives benefits to veterans who suffer from disabilities that were sustained during their military service, a surprising number of valid claims are denied on a regular basis.

Fortunately, VA accredited attorneys have the experience and skills to help many claimants appeal requests for benefits that were previously denied. If you need help with your own benefits claim, you should strongly consider consulting with an experienced Cook County VA accredited attorney who can assist you.

What Types of Federal Benefits are Available to Veterans?

Those who served this country as active members of the military are eligible for certain federal disability benefits, although the specific amount that they can collect depends primarily on the severity of the disability from which they suffer. Aside from disabilities that can be directly linked to their service, veterans can also collect disability benefits for:

  • Injuries or illnesses that existed prior to, but were aggravated during their active service in the military;
  • Secondary injuries; and
  • Disabilities that did not manifest until after they were released from service.

These benefits cover costs related to veteran disabilities, which includes expenses incurred for treatment and rehabilitation, as well as compensation for lost wages and job training if necessary.

Can Veterans Also Collect Disability Benefits Through State Programs?

Although federally funded benefits play an important role in helping veterans pay for treatment, they are only available to service members who can prove that they were injured while on active duty. This leaves many veterans who were injured while in the military without access to benefits to cover their medical bills. Fortunately, the Illinois Legislature attempted to fill this gap in coverage by allowing not only veterans who were injured while on active duty to collect benefits from the state, but also those who were injured while on active or inactive duty for training. In fact, even veterans who became disabled after receiving VA health care can collect compensation for medical bills and related expenses. However, before veterans can begin receiving disability benefits through the state, they must be able to prove that they suffer from a service-related disability and were discharged under conditions that were not dishonorable.

In addition to disability benefits that pay for medical care and treatment, veterans in Illinois are also eligible to collect disability pensions, but only if they:

  • Served no less than 90 days of active duty, at least one day of which, occurred during a period of war;
  • Receive an income that is below the yearly limit set by Congress; and
  • Are permanently or totally disabled or are over the age of 65 years old.

Veterans who satisfy these eligibility requirements can collect a monthly payment to help supplement their income. Finally, Illinois veterans who reside in nursing homes or require regular nursing assistance could be eligible to collect the aid and attendance benefit, which helps disabled veterans pay nursing assistance.

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