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Veterans and other individuals who live every day struggling with disabilities are the true unsung heroes in Chicago and across the United States.

Life can be stressful enough but it can certainly become exponentially more challenging if you have a physical or mental disability that prevents you from working, participating in your favorite activities, or even caring for yourself.

If you suddenly lose your ability to work, the bills can pile up quickly and you can be overwhelmed with concern over how you are going to pay your debts and expenses. Fortunately, in this situation, Chicago attorney James R. Comerford is on your side. If you call the Comerford Law Office, LLC, we will evaluate the circumstances of your disability and advise you whether you have the rights to any financial benefits that can take much of the financial stress off your shoulders.

Representing the Rights of Disabled Veterans

As reported by the United States census, about 3.8 million veterans had qualified disabilities in 2014 that were related to their service in the U.S. military. While some disabilities may be short-term and a veteran can recover with proper treatment, other veterans are left with permanent and often debilitating disabilities. Regardless of your particular service-related disability, you deserve to receive adequate assistance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Such assistance can include cost-free healthcare services as well as monthly benefits payments to help cover bills and other expenses.

Applying and qualifying for veterans benefits is not always easy, however. Because you directly experience how your disability affects, you may believe you have a fairly straightforward case and that benefits will be immediately approved. However, the VA denies many claims for benefits for many different reasons. If you have received a denial, you need to call a highly skilled veterans benefits attorney as soon as possible for help appealing the decision. In addition, seeking legal assistance prior to applying can help to prevent a denial in the first place.

The process of obtaining and keeping VA disability benefits can be long and complex. Whether you need help applying or need to appeal a denial, an experienced Chicago veterans benefits lawyer can help you.

Mr. James Comerford focuses his area of practice on both veteran’s disability and social security law. The Comerford Law Office helps people seeking those benefits for both the first time in addition to assisting veterans trying to increase their previously issued benefits.

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