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Every American soldier who joined the U.S. military was promised that if they were injured severely in the line of duty and could no longer maintain gainful employment, the federal government would step in and provide them with a monthly stipend to help cover their expenses. Unfortunately, only a small fraction of applications that are submitted will be approved. Most folks will need to find an attorney to help them build a case file that meets with the VA’s satisfaction. An Chicago VA attorney can help get your VA disability application approved.

Active Duty Injuries

To qualify for VA disability, you must be able to prove that your disability was caused by your active service duty. You must also be able to prove that your disability substantially impairs your ability to earn income. When those two conditions are met, so too are the conditions for a successful VA disability application. Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, the VA zealously protects its disability fund. While some precious few may find the process simple and straightforward, the vast majority will need a lawyer to help them complete their application process. This will almost certainly be the case unless you lost a limb in battle or are paralyzed from a combat incident.

How Difficult is Your Injury to Prove?

If you lost a leg in combat, the VA is not going to start poking holes in your accounting of events, because there will be a written record of the injury, the treatment, and the prognosis. But what if your injuries are not so easy to identify? What if you deal with crippling psychiatric injuries that were the result of active combat? What if you were exposed to a dangerous chemical while deployed? What if you worked with dangerous chemicals as part of your job? What about those who lost sight or hearing? Have repetitive stress injuries? What if the government will not even admit that your disability is real?

That is when it helps to find a skilled Chicago VA disability attorney to help you build your case file and provide the VA with all the evidence they need to approve your application.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

While you have filled out hundreds of applications over the course of your life, you are unlikely to have ever made a legal argument using medical evidence. That is precisely, however, what the VA expects every applicant to do. While this is clearly unreasonable, the VA also allows VA disability attorneys to enter the fold after an initial application has been rejected. The Comerford Law Office provides those services to Chicago area veterans.

Find an Chicago VA Attorney Near Me

The Chicago VA disability attorneys at The Comerford Law Office are your trusted advocates when filing claims with the VA. We have helped thousands of area veterans recover disability funds they were promised when they agreed to serve the armed forces. Call today to schedule an appointment and learn more about how we can help. 

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