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If a service-related disability prevents you from working, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) may pay you benefits that reflect a total disability rating—known as Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU). TDIU status will entitle you to the maximum compensation for disabled veterans.

A Chicago TDIU veteran attorney from Comerford Law Office can help you pursue the disability compensation you deserve. 

Who Qualifies for TDIU Status?

In order to get TDIU status as a veteran in Chicago, you generally have to prove the following:

  • That you cannot earn “substantially gainful employment” because of a disability
  • That the disability is connected to your service

Your disability may be service-connected if you developed the disability during your time in the Armed Forces, the disability became substantially worse because of your service, or you believe a post-service disability stems from your time in the Armed Forces. 

Keep in mind that if you have multiple service-related disabilities, their combined disability rating may entitle you to TDIU.

What Benefits Can Someone With TDIU Receive?

If you qualify for TDIU, you are entitled to a 100% disability rating—the highest that the VA issues. The specific amount of compensation you receive for a 100% disability rating depends on the number of dependents you have. Per VA statistics, a veteran with a 100% disability rating in 2023 is entitled to:

  • For a veteran with one child and no spouse: $3,757 per month
  • For a veteran with one child and spouse: $3,971.78 per month
  • For a veteran with one child, one spouse, and one parent: $4,133.85 per month
  • For a veteran with one child, one spouse, and two parents: $4,295.92 per month

An attorney from the Comerford Law Office will explain how much compensation you deserve if you do not fit these categories. The VA will also provide benefits for veterans with no spouse or children and veterans with multiple children. The more dependents a disabled veteran has to take care of, the more benefits they’re generally entitled to.

How Does a Veteran Seek TDIU Status and Related Benefits?

The VA requires you to file a disability benefits claim in order to get compensation for a service-related condition. When you are unable to maintain steady unemployment because of one or more disabilities, you will note this in your claim. 

How an Attorney Can Help You Seek the VA Disability Benefits You Deserve in Chicago

A lawyer can help with various aspects of your VA disability claim or appeal, including:

  • Gathering evidence of your medical conditions
  • Gathering evidence that your conditions prevent you from working
  • Filing your claim or appealing
  • Communicating with VA officials
  • Handling every other detail of your claim or appeal

If you have a total disability, handling a claim or appeal may be very difficult. A lawyer can be of great assistance to you.

Call Comerford Law Office Today for Help Seeking TDIU Status in Chicago

Getting TDIU status can provide significant financial relief. A Chicago TDIU veteran attorney from the Comerford Law Office is ready to assist you today. Call us for a free consultation or provide your information online, and we will reach out.

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