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Veterans’ benefits were established so that those who served our country with honor never had to worry about where their next meal was coming from. The process of applying can be confusing, however, and having your claim denied can be demoralizing. The individual unemployability lawyers at Comerford Law Office, LLC can help.

Understanding Individual Unemployability

Total disability individual unemployability (TDIU) benefits are offered to those who have suffered service-related injuries and can not seem to sustain gainful employment. In order to determine whether or not someone qualifies for TDIU benefits, the V.A. has a system of grading individual disabilities sustained while you were serving your country. The application process, however, is confusing. More so, it can be difficult to qualify for TDIU benefits if you are not aware of what you need to prove.

This is why having an individual unemployability lawyer manage your case can make all the difference. Most claims will be denied, but you can appeal the decision, and this is where having an attorney to help you make your case can be vital to the process.

Standards for Determining Individual Unemployability

Veterans who are awarded TDIU benefits have service-related disabilities that meet specific criteria:

  • The veteran has sustained one disability with at least a 60% disability rating;
  • The veteran has sustained two disabilities with one disability of at least 40% and the two added up totaling at least 70%.

In addition, if a veteran’s disability makes it nearly impossible for him or her to sustain gainful employment for an extended period of time, that veteran would qualify for TDIU benefits.

The question then becomes, what exactly do you need to prove to the V.A. in order to meet these criteria?

Understanding the Impact of Your Disability on Your Life

It is important to be aware of how your service-related disabilities are impacting your life. For instance, anxiety, PTSD, and depression can all result in difficulty sleeping. This makes it difficult for you to sustain a job because you have difficulty concentrating. It will be particularly difficult for you to sustain a job in which you have to wake up early in the morning. The need to feel well rested before work may also induce anxiety, making it more difficult to sleep.

As another example, your doctor may prescribe medication to help you manage symptoms of service-related injuries. This medication might make it difficult to concentrate, impact your ability to perform complex tasks or limit you in other ways.

None of these disabilities may themselves qualify for a disability rating of above 60%, but nonetheless, they make it difficult for you to do your job.

Your individual unemployability lawyer will make sure you have the evidence you need from your doctors in order to prove each one of your symptoms and side effects from medications. We then make the argument to the V.A. that your symptoms and medications make it impossible for you to sustain the concentration you need to secure meaningful employment.

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