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You served your country with honor. In the process, you sustained a serious injury during your service that makes it difficult for you to secure or sustain gainful employment. The Comerford Law Office has helped thousands of disabled veterans obtain benefits for injuries they suffered during their service.

Unfortunately, applying for these benefits is not always as easy as it should be. If you need help making your case to the Veterans Administration, please give us a call at (312) 863-8572 or contact us online. We understand the process and can help you gather the evidence you will need to prove your case and receive benefits.

What are Individual Unemployability Benefits?

Individual unemployability benefits are benefits that veterans can apply for when a service-connected injury prevents them from securing or sustaining meaningful employment. In other words, you are arguing that the disabilities you received in defense of your country prohibit you from working.

This is not a handout. Individual Unemployability Benefits were established as a safety net so that no veteran ever had to worry about how his or her service to our country would impact life as a civilian.

On the other hand, you are claiming that your service-related impairment has left you totally disabled and unemployable. It is a strong claim to make. The V.A. tends to deny many claims the first time around. Veterans seeking these benefits are forced to appeal. Do not let an initial denial deter you. Let a skilled individual unemployability lawyer help you make your claim.

How can Individual Unemployability Attorneys Help?

  • Your individual unemployability lawyers will handle communication with the V.A. That means no more call centers and no more waiting for a representative to become available.
  • Our lawyers will also file all the paperwork you need, gather evidence for your claim, and talk to doctors on your behalf.
  • We work with vocational experts who will discuss your prospects and give written recommendations to the court on your behalf.

What if I Already Receive Disability Benefits?

You can receive individual unemployability benefits and social security disability benefits at the same time. They are two different kinds of benefits and one does not exclude the other. Our team can help you apply for both individual unemployability and social security disability at the same time.

Applying for Individual Unemployability Benefits

The process of applying for Total Disability Individual Unemployability Benefits (TDIU) can be really confusing. A lot of veterans never bother because of that fact alone. Nonetheless, these are good benefits, and if you have sustained a serious life-altering injury in the service of your country and that makes it nearly impossible to sustain gainful employment, then you are entitled to them.

There are a number of service-related conditions that make employment unmanageable. Conditions like PTSD, traumatic brain injury, or paralysis. The V.A. has a grading system it uses to determine a disability percentage. If your disability percentage is rated higher than 60%, then you should qualify for TDIU.

The V.A. will make you prove it, however. Comerford Law Office can help. Please reach out and contact our lawyers. You do not need to struggle to make ends meet.

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