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Filing a claim for VA benefits is a difficult process, and many eligible veterans are denied benefits every year due to minor errors and procedural mistakes. To ensure that your own claim is filed properly and on time, please contact an experienced Champaign VA benefits lawyer who can advise you. 

VA Health Benefits

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) provides qualifying veterans with a wide range of medical, surgical, and rehabilitative care. Each veteran’s medical benefits package is unique, but most include services to help veterans:

  • Enhance their quality of life;
  • Improve their ability to function;
  • Treat injuries and illnesses; and
  • Prevent future health problems. 

While all eligible veterans receive coverage for these types of care and services, only some quality for additional benefits, such as dental care. Generally, the full list of a person’s covered benefits depends on a few different factors, including:

  • His or her priority group;
  • The advice of his or her VA primary care provider; and
  • The current medical standards for treating his or her medical conditions. 

Please call us today to learn more about the types of medical benefits for which you and your dependents could qualify. 

Education Benefits

In addition to health care, the VA also provides many veterans and their family members with education benefits, such as:

  • College tuition assistance;
  • Help with finding the right training program or school;
  • Career counseling; and
  • Helping pay for supplies, housing, fees, and books.

These benefits can all be used to get a traditional degree, on-the-job training, internships, or non-college degrees. For instance, the Survivors’ and Dependents’ Educational Assistance (DEA) Program provides education and training opportunities to the dependents of veterans who became totally and permanently disabled as a result of their time in the military, including academic counseling, help achieving career and education goals, and assistance with evaluating career choices. 

Home Loans

The VA also helps veterans become homeowners by providing home loan guaranty benefits and access to other housing-related programs that help veterans adapt, build, buy, repair, or retain their homes. Although VA home loans are actually provided by private lenders like mortgage companies and banks, the VA does guarantee a portion of each loan, which helps lenders offer more favorable terms. Available loans and grants include:

  • Purchase loans, which help veterans purchase homes at competitive interest rates without requiring a down payment or private mortgage insurance plan;
  • Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan, which helps veterans obtain lower interest rates by refinancing existing VA loans; and
  • Adapted Housing Grants, which help veterans with service-connected disabilities build, modify, or purchase an adapted home.

Each of these loans has its own eligibility requirements, so it is important to speak with an attorney before beginning the application process. 

Contact Our Champaign VA Benefits Legal Team for Help with Your Claim

If you are a former service member, you could qualify for VA benefits, such as home loans, education benefits, and health care benefits. To speak with an experienced Champaign VA benefits lawyer about your own options, please call The Comerford Law Office, LLC or send us an online message today. 

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