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Aurora Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer

Those who sustain injuries or who contract illnesses while serving in the military are often given access to disability compensation, housing assistance, aid and attendance services, and other disability benefits.

To learn more about the process of applying for these services and programs and whether you or a loved one could qualify for disability benefits, please contact an experienced Aurora veterans disability benefits lawyer who can advise you. 

Disability Compensation

Many veterans who were injured during their time in the service are eligible for disability compensation, which is a benefit that takes the form of a monthly tax-free payment. To qualify for disability compensation, veterans must have served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training and have received a disability rating for a service-related medical condition, whether mental or physical. In addition to these requirements, veterans must also be able to prove that:

    • They can link their injury or illness to their time in the service;
    • They suffered from an illness or injury before their time in the service and serving made their condition worse; or
    • They have been diagnosed with a condition that is related to their service, but that did not begin manifesting until after retirement. 

For help determining whether a service-related medical condition qualifies as a disability for compensation purposes, please contact our legal team today. 

Aid and Attendance Benefits

Aid and attendance, or housebound benefits, are given to veterans who qualify for a pension and who:

  • Need the assistance of another person to perform daily activities like eating, dressing, and bathing; 
  • Must spend a large portion of the day in bed due to an illness;
  • Are patients in a nursing home due to a disability-related loss of mental or physical abilities; or
  • Have limited eyesight.

Applicants who submit claims for aid and attendance benefits may also need to provide proof of their disability in order to begin receiving assistance, such as a doctor’s report, details about their day-to-day activities, and information about how their injury or illness affects their ability to complete certain tasks. 

Adaptive Housing Grants

Veterans with service-related disabilities may also qualify for adaptive housing grants that can be used to modify or build a home that meets their specific needs. Covered projects include renovations of a veteran’s kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, as well as the construction and installation of ramps, covered porches, handrails, grab bars, sliding doors, concrete walkways, and widened doorways. However, only those with certain disabilities are eligible for adaptive housing grants, including those who suffer from the loss or loss of use of more than one limb, blindness in both eyes, and severe burns.

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