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Once a service member is discharged, he or she becomes eligible for a wide range of services, programs, and benefits offered by the U.S. Veterans Administration (VA). Many of these benefits, however, are only available to certain veterans, namely those who sustained a service-connected illness or injury.

For help applying for these benefits, which include everything from monthly disability payments and vocational rehabilitation to housing grants and home healthcare services, please contact a dedicated Aurora veterans disability attorney who can explain your legal options. 

Disability Compensation

Veterans who served in active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training capacity in the U.S. military and who have received a disability rating for a service-connected medical condition are often eligible to receive a monthly disability compensation payment. However, this is only true for veterans who can also establish that: 

  • They became sick or were injured during their time in the service and can link that condition to their injury or illness; 
  • They suffered from a condition that worsened due to their time in the military; or
  • They suffer from a disability that is related to their active-duty service, but that did not appear until after their separation. 

Veterans who apply for these benefits will need to provide evidence of their illness or injury, which could include a VA disability rating report, medical records, and expert testimony. Certain illnesses, however, are automatically presumed to satisfy the definition of a disability, including: 

  • Chronic illnesses that appear within a year of discharge; 
  • Illnesses caused by coming into contact with toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials; or
  • Illnesses caused by time spent as a prisoner of war. 

To learn more about collecting compensation for one of these illnesses, please contact our Aurora veterans disability legal team today. 

VA Aid and Attendance

The VA also provides aid and attendance benefits to help veterans who are housebound or need assistance with daily activities due to their service-connected disabilities. In addition to receiving a VA pension, veterans who are applying for these benefits must also be able to prove that they:

  • Need the help of another person to perform daily activities, such as bathing and dressing; 
  • Must stay in bed due to an illness; 
  • Are a patient in a nursing home because of a loss of mental or physical abilities related to their service-connected disability; or
  • Have limited eyesight. 

To apply for aid and attendance benefits, veterans will need access to certain information, including:

  • A doctor’s report;
  • Details about their day-to-day lives; and
  • Details that demonstrate the type of illness, injury, or disability that affects their ability to complete certain tasks. 

Please call us today to ensure that your own claim for benefits is filed correctly and on time. 

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