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Although the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers compensation and benefits to service members and veterans, applying for those benefits can be complicated, so if you believe that you may be eligible for VA benefits, it is important to contact an experienced Arlington Heights veterans benefits lawyer who can assist you. 

Eligibility for VA Disability Benefits

Many veterans who were injured or who contracted illnesses while serving in the military qualify for disability benefits, which include financial support and access to healthcare. In order to be eligible for these benefits, however, a veteran must have:

  • Served in an active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training capacity; and
  • Received a disability rating for a service-connected medical condition. 

In addition to these requirements, a veteran must also:

  • Be able to link his or her condition to an illness or injury sustained or contracted in the military; or
  • Be suffering from an illness or injury that was worsened by his or her time in the service; or
  • Be suffering from a disability that is related to his or her active duty service, but that did not appear until after retirement. 

Many physical and mental conditions qualify as disabilities when it comes to qualifying for VA benefits, some however, are automatically presumed to satisfy this definition, including:

  • Chronic illnesses that appeared within a year of discharge; or
  • Illnesses caused by contact with toxic chemicals, hazardous materials, or contaminants; or
  • Illnesses contracted as a result of time spent as a POW. 

Other illnesses that could qualify as a health condition for disability purposes include chronic back pain, breathing problems, severe hearing loss, ulcers, certain cancers, depression, anxiety, and PTSD. 

Health Benefits

Even veterans who do not suffer from a disability could qualify for a medical benefits package that includes a wide range of services, including:

    • Preventive care services, such as health exams, health education, immunization, and counseling on genetic diseases;
    • Inpatient hospital services like surgeries, kidney dialysis, medical treatments, acute care, and specialized care;
    • Urgent and emergency care services;
    • Mental health services to treat PTSD, depression, and substance abuse; 
    • Assisted living and home health care; and
    • Prescription medications. 

To learn more about the healthcare benefits for which you could be eligible following your service in the military, please contact our Arlington Heights VA benefits legal team today. 

Educational and Career Counseling

Veterans who fall under any of the following categories may also qualify for educational and career counseling:

    • Veterans who will be discharged from active duty within six months; or
    • Veterans who were separated from active duty in the last year; or
    • Veterans who qualify as veterans for educational assistance under a VA program.

Qualifying veterans could be eligible for a wide range of education and career-related services, including:

    • Counseling to help them decide which military or civilian jobs they are interested in; 
    • Assistance with finding a training program or job; and
    • Academic and adjustment counseling.

Veterans who are interested in these benefits should apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits and then begin working with a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor as soon as possible. 

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