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During the Vietnam war, our military used an experimental weed killer known as Agent Orange to reduce the enemy’s foliage cover. While those who worked around the substance were told it was safe for humans, we now know that it was not. The government long denied a connection between Agent Orange and serious health issues, including numerous cancers and lifelong disabilities. Today, the government acknowledges that Agent Orange is a known poison, and the VA will pay disability claims related to Agent Orange exposure so long as a veteran can prove they were exposed. It remains challenging even for Vietnam veterans to make Agent Orange-related disability claims, however. If you have had your VA disability claim denied, a Chicago Agent Orange exposure lawyer can help you appeal your claim and pursue the benefits to which you are entitled. 

Do I Qualify for Agent Orange Benefits?

There are three criteria for qualifying for VA disability benefits based on Agent Orange exposure. These include:

  • Service – You must be able to prove that you served in the Vietnam War and stepped foot on land. The government will not honor claims related to flying over Vietnam. Additionally, those who served on water may not be able to file claims unless they can prove a special exception applies. These are known as “blue water veterans” claims. Those who are unsure whether their diagnosis qualifies should seek the counsel of an experienced Chicago Agent Orange attorney.
  • Discharge – To qualify for any VA disability benefits, you must be able to prove that you were other-than-dishonorably discharged.
  • Diagnosis – You must be able to prove that you have a condition that is linked to Agent Orange exposure. This includes many different forms of cancer as well as ischemic heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, and more. 

Your particular type of cancer or other physical ailment does not need to be a known complication of Agent Orange exposure so long as you can establish medical evidence linking your condition to Agent Orange. For obvious reasons, this requires a medical expert to advocate on your behalf. The Comerford Law Office will coordinate your case with doctors and others who have experience dealing with veterans exposed to Agent Orange. 

Understanding VA Benefits Related to Agent Orange Exposure

Veterans who are currently in treatment for conditions related to Agent Orange exposure can seek benefits to cover their medical care and supplemental income to help with their cost of living expenses. Further, a known complication of Agent Orange relates to genetic abnormalities passed to children whose parents were exposed. They too can receive benefits from the VA. For more information on filing an Agent Orange VA disability claim, call the Chicago VA disability attorneys at The Comerford Law Office today. We have helped many disabled veterans receive the benefits to which they are entitled, and we’d be honored to assist you as well.

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