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Can I Work While Receiving VA Disability?

Veterans often have a difficult time understanding the VA disability process due to the abundant misinformation surrounding the topic. It’s common for veterans to assume that VA disability involves the same process as social security disability, even though this isn’t true. Unlike social security recipients, veterans who are receiving VA disability benefits can work even while they collect their compensation. 

If you are interested in learning whether you may receive VA benefits while maintaining a job, you should talk to an attorney. Our team at Comerford Law Office is here to help you better understand your options, so call us for in-depth advice regarding your specific situation. 

Understanding VA Disability Compensation

In order to better understand VA disability compensation and what it means for your career, it’s important to learn the differences between VA disability and social security. While both programs provide support for veterans with service-connected disabilities, their advantages may vary depending on your specific circumstances.

Unlike social security disability, which is either approved or denited, VA disability compensation has a scale that determines how much compensation you will receive. In other words, you can be granted VA disability but not be compensated due to a 0% rating. Or, you may receive a 10% rating that provides $130.00 per month, while another veteran receives about $3,000 a month for a 100% rating. As you can see, payments differ depending on the rating the veteran receives. 

Under VA disability, you can be paid for a 100% disability rating and continue to work a full-time job. In theory, a veteran could continue to make as much money as they wish alongside their VA disability payments.However, there is an exception. Obtaining VA disability compensation is not an easy feat, especially receiving a 100% rating for your disability in the traditional way, which involves being paid at a rate between 190% to 230%. Instead, many veterans choose to obtain their compensation through individual unemployability. 

What is Individual Unemployability?

Individual unemployablity is a program that compensates veterans at a 100% rating, regardless of their actual rating. The process works based on the disablity ratings. For example, if a veteran’s condition is rated at 60% or higher, they may qualify for individual unemployability if their disability prevents them from working. Furthermore, if a veteran is rated at a total of 70% or higher for multiple health conditions, they may be eligible for individual unemployability as long as one of the conditions has a rating of at least 40%. 

If you choose to seek individual unemployability, keep in mind that you cannot work while receiving benefits. The Comerford Law Office recognizes how confusing the VA disability appeals process is for many veterans, so we offer dedicated legal support throughout your case. 

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If you wish to continue working while receiving VA disability compensation, it’s important to review your options with an attorney. Contact Comerford Law Office for a consultation with a VA lawyer. We can help answer your questions regarding disability payments, individual unemployability and more.

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