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15 Jan, 2024

Tips For Talking to Your Doctor About Your VA Disability Claim

Veterans have served our country with honor and bravery, and they deserve the utmost respect and care. When it comes to dealing with a Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim, it's…

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02 Jan, 2024

How Do I Interpret a VA Rating Decision?

At Comerford Law Office, LLC, we understand the challenges that disabled veterans face when it comes to accessing the benefits they deserve. One crucial aspect of this process is understanding…

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19 Dec, 2023

Are You Prepared for Your Gulf War Syndrome C&P Exam?

If you're a veteran who served in the Gulf War and is experiencing chronic symptoms, you may be eligible for disability benefits. However, to receive these benefits, you must undergo…

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14 Dec, 2023

The VA Disability Appeals Timeline

Filing a disability appeal with the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs is often a difficult process. If you wish to challenge a disability rating or decision, it’s crucial that you…

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19 Nov, 2023

What Disability Benefits Are Available for Amputees?

Amputees face significant challenges, both physical and financial, as they adjust to a new way of life. At Comerford Law Office, we understand the hardships that veteran amputees endure and…

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19 Nov, 2023

How Can a Veterans Benefits Attorney Help You Increase Your Disability Rating?

As a veteran, navigating the complex world of disability benefits can be challenging. However, with the right legal assistance, you can significantly improve your chances of receiving higher disability ratings…

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