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5 Things You Should Know About the VA Claims Process

If you are currently involved in the claims process with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or you plan to file a claim in the future, there are several important facts you should know. If you have any additional questions about the VA claims process or would like our assistance with your claim or appeal, reach out to Comerford Law Office at any time.

Five essential facts about the VA claims process include:

1. The VA denies a significant number of veteran disability claims

If you receive a denial of a disability benefit claim, or you do not receive the amount of benefits you deserve, you are far from the first veteran to face these outcomes. VA officials can cite several potential reasons to deny or underpay your claim, including:

  • Lack of a connection between your service and your disability
  • Lack of documentation of your medical condition
  • Clerical errors or missing information on a claim

These are three of several explanations the VA may cite, and the merits of each reason can vary. Our firm can help you understand and appeal any denial or underpayment of your claim.

2. There are several types of VA disability claims

Per the VA, you can file several types of disability claims, including:

  • An original claim, which you can file within 180 days of leaving the service 
  • An increased claim for compensation beyond what you’re already receiving
  • A new claim in addition to your original claim
  • A secondary service-connected claim, which is a claim related to your original claim
  • A special claim, which is for “special needs linked to your service-connected disability”
  • A supplemental claim, which allows you to provide new evidence for a previously denied claim

An attorney can advise you on which specific claim type is right for you.

3. There are three ways to appeal a VA decision

If your claim reaches the appeal phase, your three options of appeal type are:

  1. Supplemental Claim
  2. Higher-Level Review
  3. Board Appeal

An attorney can also explain which of these appeal types are appropriate for your situation.

4. Many veterans hire an attorney to help with their claim or appeal

Veterans do not always have the knowledge, energy, time, or medical ability to deal with the VA. Many of them hire a lawyer to handle the claims or appeals process for them.

5. You may have to fight for the benefits you deserve

What the VA should do for disabled veterans is not always what the VA does do. You may have to endure a complex, difficult process to get the benefits you deserve. If you choose, an attorney can handle this process so you can focus on your health.

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